Samsung Continuum With Extras Screen “Ticker”

Samsung Continuum, variant S Galaxy with double screen was officially released. There is a uniqueness Samsung Continuum that does not exist in other Android phones, an extra screen, called Ticker.
This phone is considered synonymous with Samsung Fascinate, mobile variant of the other S Galaxy which also sold Verizon. There are dedicated camera button on the Continuum. Just unfortunately, there is no front camera.

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HTC Desire HD Versus EVO 4G

You’ve seen how HTC’s latest Android flagship stacks up against its Windows Phone 7 sibling, the HD7. But how does it fare against the original Android giant, Sprint’s EVO 4G? The devices share common displays (4.3-inch WVGA) and cameras (8 megapixel with dual LED flash) — but they use different radios (HSPA+ versus CDMA / WiMAX) and processors (first-generation Snapdragon in the EVO, second-gen in the Desire). In fact, the two phones actually have very different personalities when you consider the Desire HD’s aluminum unibody case and the EVO 4G’s HDMI output and kickstand. Take a look at these mighty beasts side-by-side in our gallery — along with a video after the break!

Note: In the video we mention that the Desire HD features a front facing camera. This is incorrect.

Sorce : Engadget

The PlayStation Phone for Gamers

What will happen if mobile phones coupled with the playstation? Of course it would be an interesting gadget is not it? And this is proven by the presence of the PlayStation Phone which has been informed since last August. The presence of a Playstation Phone is an integration that is not only aimed at gamers, but also to users who can entertain themselves while killing time. Playstation Phone will come with Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) with a 1GHz processor and Qualcomm MSM8655 Memory of 512MB of RAM and 1GB ROM. For user comfort while doing the activity of play, Playstation Phone comes with a screen size from 3.7 to 4.1 inches. Cursor button on the left and right who are on the PSP, remain attached to the Playstation Phone, and opened the sliding (sliding).

The presence of Playstation Phone brings its own charm when the various brands out smart phone until the Android-based tablet. Can the Playstation Phone Android phone market seized or gamer? Let’s see his presence, because the Playstation Phone is still in prototype form, and its presence is still not clear, whether it will appear late this year or in 2011.



Hand on : NOKIA N8

This morning, Nokia launch the media a first-hand look at the upcoming Nokia N8. Without a doubt, the hardware and multimedia are great, but the Symbian OS, even in its latest version, is not as attractive as Android or iPhone OS. One thing I’d say is that Nokia hasn’t forgotten how to make great hardware. The 135-gram N8 feels light in the hand, and the size feels just about right with a 3.5-inch OLED screen that looks the part when it comes to browsing and checking up on Facebook updates.

The images below can help You know, what a beautiful phone is it !.

Source : phonescope

Brief report on the HP Slate Video

NVIDIA Optimus Promises the best of both worlds

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On the First Post in this blog, We’ve always thought switchable graphics made a lot of sense on laptops, and NVIDIA’s new Optimus tech looks like it’s going to bring it mainstream in a serious way — there’s no more manually toggling between the powerful discrete GPU and the power-saving integrated chip. More than just automatically switching off the discrete GPU when the laptop is unplugged, the idea is that you don’t have to think about when you want to use the different graphics options: the software and hardware combo will take care of deciding which graphics processor is best for the application or content. For instance, launch Call of Duty 4 and the discrete GPU will power on, close out and start writing an e-mail and it will switch to the IGP. Sounds pretty simple, but under the hood its much more complicated as NVIDIA has moved to running the drivers for both graphics subsystems concurrently and removed the multiplexers under the hood. For more details on all the technical fixes hit the more coverage link.
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